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Cavallo wedding #2

Finished these Save-the-dates for another Cavallo wedding this time in August. Vintage/Americana themed paper goodness with a folded map and custom pattern inside. Lovely calligraphy in gold by Neither Snow with an assortment of vintage stamps collected by the bride.

Envelopes were hand-made, just folded text weight navy paper, glued the seam in the middle and ran one side through a sewing machine. We closed by folding the other end and sealed with custom letterpressed address labels.

We came across this envelope addressed to the White House while assembling. Apparently if you send the president an invite you will receive an official congratulatory letter. How fun, right? The bride and groom have a great sense of humor. I love this notion :)

Will be walking these up the street to the post office tomorrow. After spending so much time designing and crafting a set like this, letting them go is always so bitter-sweet. But the idea that people will be receiving these lovelies in the mail always makes me smile. So all the hard work is always worth it.

(part 4): Vintage paper fair

For all you paper geeks out there, this antique fair cannot be missed. You need to make sure to eat before hand, stay hydrated and don’t be in a rush. It takes time to dig through piles and piles of paper ephemera but trust me it’s SO worth it. I hit a wall after 3 hours of sifting and was a walking zombie afterward— definitely need to up my game still. Here are pics of some of my loot.

Found object

Richard found this gem laying on the street. Wow. The person who discarded this beautiful book didn’t know what they had. Finders keepers, now it’s in good hands! Great addition to the SHP library…